Tuesday, April 15, 2014

[App] Tatting Designer! - introduction - tatting lace pattern drawing tool


My name is Elaine (Rei Lee) and I am a tatter from Korea where Tatting has become quite popular these days. 

Many Korean tatters work hard to spread tatting lace in Korea and I have been tatting for about two years.  Tatting is just great and fun!  It makes my mind relax as I focus on counting double stitches. The outcome is also adorable. 

I am a doodler so one day I wanted to draw a tatting pattern. But even with any painting application it was pain in the you know where.  So I came to think that it will be great to have a tool that helps you to draw the tatting pattern. My hubby happens to be a programmer and I persuaded him to work on the tool. (and what a persuasion!) That is how this tool is born. The best thing about this tool is that it is FREE! and you don't need to install or purchase anything.

Currently <Tatting Designer> tool is on its early stage of development so its functions are very basic.  But I believe one can draw quite decent doilies with rings and chains and picots.  You can manipulate the chains to make creative very patterns.

Basically what it does is that there is an anchor point in the middle and as you make rings and chains the tool automatically copies them along the circle like kaleidoscope.

Click the above link to open the tool~.

This is how the tool looks.  Very simple layout. Isn't it?

When you run the app for the first time, you can see the above screen.

Here are the brief description of the menus.  

New - Create a new file
Open - Open existing file
Save - Save the file 
Export as image - Save the pattern as .png image. 

Undo - Cancel the last job
Redo - Redo the last job
Copy - copy the selected object
Paste - paste the copied object

Enlarge x2 - enlarge the canvas size twice
Fit to content - Crop the canvas size according to the pattern


1. Create Chain - Click on the icon and then click on the canvas to create the chain.
2. Create Ring
3. Copy
4. Paste
5. Undo
6. Redo
7. Zoom out
8. Zoom in
9. Background color - this is only shown on the screen.  When you save the image it becomes transparent.

We are planning to add more functions such as text, josephine ring etc but the schedule is not set yet.  Please add your comments below so we can keep them in mind for the future update.
Please enjoy~!

1. This app does not require any installation and it is a web app using internet browser. (We highly recommend using Chrome) 
2. Your pattern that you drew using the tool is only saved at your computer with the extension of *.xml  
3. We don't hold any rights to your pattern.
4. This too is free but don't copy, reverse engineer or anything that would make us feel bad or regret that we ever made this. Oh please! 
5. There is no text tool yet so you will have to use other tool to place text. 


  1. This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for getting your husband to do this for all of us.

  2. This is great :). Looking forward to having a good play with it :).

  3. That's wonderful, thank you so much

  4. I'm not a designer, but maybe I can be now. Thank you so much!

  5. Wspaniały program. Dziękuję bardzo za jego stworzenie.

  6. Super program! Dziękuję :)

  7. This looks like a very useful designer tool. I will be checking back vey often. Thanks for all your husband's hard work and your inspiration.

  8. Fantastic many thanks for sharing
    Joy in Australia

  9. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing this development! USA

  10. this is so fun! thank your husband for his kindness.

  11. I love what you and your husband have done.
    I have shared your website on Pinterest and also a tatting page on Facebook.

    I would like to offer a couple of suggestions to add to your wonderful program. The ability to duplicate picots so they appear evenly around rings or chains. Also the ability to flip a ring or chain tool to repeat something that is not universal over the distance of the chain or ring.

    I really am looking forward to making some original tatting patterns.
    Thank you

  12. What a gracious gesture to develop and share your product. Tatters everywhere appreciate this. It will surely help spread tatting.
    Suzan in North Carolina, USA

  13. What a gracious gesture to develop and share your product. Tatters everywhere appreciate this. It will surely help spread tatting.
    Suzan in North Carolina, USA

  14. Hello Elaine, I am so happy to see you here. My name is Sherry, and I am the one who first brought tatting to Korea. My student was Anna, who started the first major blog. How excited to see that is has taken off so quickly!
    I will check out your program! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Thank you very much for sharing your program. I used it to make my first diagram: https://oclairedelune.wordpress.com/2015/07/11/patron-de-boucles-doreilles-trefles-pattern-for-clover-earrings/
    I am looking forward to seeing more function in it.

  16. Thank you for sharing. The program is briliant!!!

  17. I am getting a File 404, file not found message on all links. Can anyone help?? Thank you.

    1. It looks like the program does not work anymore :(

  18. According to Dropbox the file has been removed or made unavailable :(