Monday, December 29, 2014

"Forever Young" - pineapple doily by Teri Dusenbury

Recently I came across a posting by 2sunb (Sun Bee, A.K.A. Coffee Hyanggi), which was about Teri Dusenbury has re-opened her free patterns, and on one of her other posting she wrote about Teri's situation with the copyrights and now she rarely tat anymore due to her eyesight gone bad.  I went to Teri's web site and read about her story and it was so sad.

So I wanted to dedicate something to Teri by making her "Forever Young" Pattern.
This pattern is really beautiful and very well made so anyone can easily follow.  I also learned a technique from her pattern which I will keep it with me forever, which is tatting chain without reversing the work.

I hope this will give a little sparkle in her usual day and would be very happy if it had brighten her day even just a little bit.  I hope she knows that there are many here in Korea who appreciate her work and generosity for sharing them.

Copyright for one's own patterns is the growing issue in Korea since tatting lace started to gain attention.  One of the Korean tatting designers seems to be super stressed over the issue and I worry that she might break down one day.  She has done so much for the tatting community in Korea and her teaching is wonderful and so are her patterns. I just wish that she would relax a bit and take care of her health for more than anything. Teri reminded me of her because of how they both are wonderful tatters, designers, and contributors for the tatting lace.

Here is link to Teri's web site.
Please take a look at her wonderful work.

Thank you for reading and wish you a happy day!